Academie Arendonk 2022 - 2023

The first 4 works are based on CT scans, converted to color with oil paint.

After years of painting with oil paint, experimentation with acrylic paint started, more abstract, looser.

I'm starting to have more and more fun with acrylic paint!!! I use my hands and large brushes on a long stick to loosen up. Super interesting what the speed of this paint does for me. I decide to experiment with spray can and different drawing materials, such as oil chalk, Indian ink, etc. A new world is opening up for me, which makes me very happy 😃😍

One evening I see a winter landscape on television that won't let go of me. I go about it in my mind at night, half dreaming half awake. I can't help but get to work immediately the next morning, luckily I still have a nice canvas. This way of working is so different from my intuitive work. It was conceived with a clear plan. Where I express myself in my other work, in this work I seek the peace I long for. It has become my most valuable work. Acrylic on cavas 120 x 80

I still need to intuitively express my inner world with paint, but I also make trips to the (imagined) tranquility. I try to capture these landscapes in their essence. In fact, almost all of my acrylic works, whether intuitive or conceived, are mental landscapes. 

New experiment, I'm going to see how I can bring together my intuitive worlds and more thoughtful landscapes. Can I bring them together?? At first I will experiment with color.

The 5th year is done! Now waiting for the jury verdict 🤞